256 Group of Novices

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Li Du had expected that the Ricks had something to ask of him. Otherwise, they would not have kept trying to make peace with him; they could have simply just avoided each other.

So, Li was not surprised by Dog Ears Rick’s words.

Li Du knew that a man should keep his word and be responsible.

He gestured for them to sit. "What kind of help you need?"

Mr. Li was not a pushover, but since he had forgiven the Ricks, there was no reason to treat them as enemies either.

Dog Ears slumped down on a chair and said, "We were wrong to collude with Harris to plot against you. In the end, we reaped what we sowed."

Li Du had a rough idea of what had happened. "The casino lost money because of me. And the amount they lost was not a small sum. They needed to find someone to make up for the loss. So you’re saying the casino did something to you?"

Lil’ Rick nodded his head miserably. "Yes, that’s what happened."

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