269 Grilling Fish in the Rain

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Li Du drove Sophie home, and only once he made sure that everything was okay did he leave.

Before leaving, Li Du said, "Set my number on speed dial. If anything happens, call me immediately, ok?"

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Sophie showed him her phone and said with a bashful smile, "I’ve already set it. I feel that you’re someone who’s reliable."

That bashful smile blew away all the worries caused by Rose’s recount of her past. After seeing the lights of Sophie’s home go off, he finally drove back.

He overslept. The next day, it was late in the morning when he awoke. He went out of bed, opened the door, and a familiar face appeared in front of him. It was Rose, who was staring straight at him.

Li Du jumped in shock, and yelled, "Sh*t, what the hell?"

Without expression, Rose asked, "Yesterday, I was drunk, right?"

"Seemed so," Li Du nodded.

"What did I say last night? Did I say anything personal?" Rose’s face started to turn grim.

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