1280 Grave Digger

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However, these people were fearless. They were not cowards, and after they found that Li Du and his party had powerful weapons, they raised their own shotguns to confront them.

Li Du was wrong in his initial estimate. These men had not only shotguns in their hands but also rifles, which looked like the famous AK-47s.

The AK-47 and M16 used to be the most widely manufactured weapons in the world, but big Ivan's M4A1 was more lethal than the M16.

There were six people, covered with dirt and grass, who looked as if they had just emerged from the ground.

The men pointed at Li Du and the others and continued to roar, but Li Du did not understand Russian. He called the four little ones back first because the other side was holding guns and he was unwilling to take risks.

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The four little ones were very smart. They knew that guns were dangerous and immediately ran back when they were called, afraid that they would be shot.

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