1172 Granite

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Steve prepared to look for a place to begin their sail and took the fishing net, hook and other equipment down from the snowmobile.

Li Du asked, "What about a boat, we did not bring one along, did we?"

To fish for the krill, one would definitely need to take a boat. Li Du had thought that the boat was already waiting for them out at sea, but when he scanned the shore, there was no trace of a vessel.

Steve smiled. "We will swim and get out into the water. We don't need a boat."

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Li Du was stunned. "You gotta be kidding me…"

"Ahh-woooo!" Ah Ow started howling.

Li Du turned around and pinched her head, scolding, "What are you calling out for? Stop howling. Stay here and wait. Otherwise, I will throw you into the waters for a cold bath."

Ah Ow sat down unhappily and looked around, wearing an indignant look.

Li Du repeated, "You gotta be kidding. This is the Antarctic Ocean. If we dive, we'll freeze to death in just a few minutes."

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