214 Grand Central Market

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After understanding what had happened, Hans broke into laughter and was almost going to applaud in celebration. "You got beaten up by that jerk Marlin? Interesting, interesting!"

Rick glared at him angrily but did not flare up. Instead, he contained his anger and said, "Boss Li, I admit that for this matter, I was not that upfront—"

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"No, no, no," Hans said, "don’t you tell us this. We don’t want to hear it, we don’t want to know why you are here. No matter what, I don’t want to hear it. Right now, we just want to rest."

Rick swallowed his fury and said, "I understand. Big Fox, Li, I know you guys are very tired, but this time, we’re here to solve our differences."

"We’re very sincere," Lil’ Rick added. "Please don’t reject this offer of friendship."

Hans laughed loudly again. "Solve the problem? Can the problem between us ever be solved? Offer of friendship? F*ck off. We don’t dare accept this kind of friendship."

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