1062 Graffiti

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Li Du had not expected anyone else to make a bid. Surprised, he turned around to identify the bidder. It was a bald black man who stood rubbing his chin and gazing at Li Du.

The man was thin, with a small nose and eyes. He had a shifty look as he observed the crowd. His eyes landed and fixed on Li Du after the latter made a bid.

Now that there was finally some interest in the warehouse, the auctioneer perked up. "Ten dollars, ten dollars. Only ten dollars for a warehouse, isn't this a good deal? Now it is at fifty dollars, fifty dollars, fifty dollars. Is there anyone who would bid fifty dollars?" The auctioneer said enthusiastically in one breath.

Glancing at the bald black man, Li Du wondered, That dude has not made a bid up until now, so why did he call out after I bid?

Based on his conjecture, there could be two reasons. First, it could be that the bald black man recognized him and was purposely challenging his bid to win the warehouse.

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