993 Good Commander

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The convoy of vehicles had driven far away, but Li Du could still hear the tragic roars and cries of despair from the market.

He sat in the truck with a gloomy face. He felt upset about this trip to Africa.

He had been too naive and underestimated the chaos here.

Diamond was different from other gemstones. It was a stone that reeked of blood.

He recalled a warning when he was doing research on diamonds. "In Africa, to live longer, stay away from diamonds."

There was no point in feeling upset now. He should figure out the current situation and find a way to keep his group safe from harm's way.

The convoy made a turn after leaving the market, driving toward the west. Based on the direction, Li Du reckoned that they were heading to Swaziland.

The base of Gold Grass tribe was located at the border junction of Swaziland, South Africa and Mozambique. Here, south was South Africa and west was Swaziland.

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