1134 Gone Mad

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Princeps was absolutely stunned.

He looked behind as he was shouting. He caught sight of a well-built man's silhouette.

However, the silhouette moved very swiftly and dexterously. With a couple of

maneuvers, it disappeared into the crowd.

There were too many treasure hunters. In addition, because the bids had risen so

violently, everyone was still agitated.

There were people pushing their way through the crowd to witness the bid war. At the

same time, other people were retreating. The scene was chaotic and hence, nobody

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noticed that someone had disappeared among the vast human mess.

Hearing the four hundred thousand bid, Li Du shook his head and quit bidding.

The auctioneer shouted at once, "Four hundred thousand, four hundred thousand, four

hundred thousand, once, twice, four hundred thousand, three times, four hundred

thousand, deal!"

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