1138 Gold

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Gold was a soft metal, the purer the softer. Therefore, it often appeared on TV that

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people would bite into gold to gauge its purity.

Generally, the naturally occurring metal was an alloy of gold and brass. Brass was very

hard, so biting it would not only fail to leave a mark but might even break some teeth.

As the treasure hunters stared, they saw a sharp tooth mark on the metal plate that

Hans had just bitten. The two rows of teeth marks were very neat, and the bite revealed

a more dazzling yellow!

The scene made everyone envious, and the crowd came forward, pushing and shoving.

Godzilla held up the hydraulic jack and said coldly, "Are your bones harder than iron?"

The treasure hunters were startled. A man who rushed to the front looked up at

Godzilla's sulky face and said wryly, "No, no, man, you misunderstand me. Look, I have

magnets here."

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