374 Going In

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Harris’s side was bidding. Hans quickly followed, "30,000!"

Frank snapped his fingers and shouted, "31,000 dollars!"

Li Du nodded, and Hans continued, "32,000!"

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When the prices came to this, it was basically a battle royale amongst these three superpowers. All the other treasure hunters had backed out of the competition.

There were several pieces of mahogany furniture in the unit. According to the current market, a full set of table and chairs made with mahogany could sell for up to 20,000 dollars in the US.

There were dozens of chairs and several tables. If they were all authentic, they would go for at least 100,000 dollars.

What was putting pressure on the treasure hunters now was that they had no confirmation of whether the things inside were authentic or not.

Whether they would make any profit from this would boil down to their eyes, sources, and experience.

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