504 Godzilla The Tough Guy

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Godzilla wore an army green camo shirt. His muscles bulged even when he didn't flex them.

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Because he worked out regularly, Godzilla had a very low body fat percentage. His muscles were huge and tangled together like old tree roots. He looked very tough and brawny.

Lynch licked his lips when he looked at him and said, "Let me remind you, big fellow, this gun could produce such a massive recoil that it is unimaginable. Unless you hold the gun the right way, you could hurt your shoulders or something."

"Give me some shockproof pads," said Godzilla. "That should be enough."

Hans hesitated. "D*mn, I admit you're right. This is not a practical gun, there's no need to test the gun, alright?"

"You planned it well, pal," laughed Lynch. "But there are no such deals."

Li Du didn't want to test the gun either—at least, he didn't want to let Godzilla test it.

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