323 God’s Territory

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Comparing Sophie and Big Quinn, the gap between their social classes was distinct.

Sophie's family was not exactly rich, but at the very least they belonged to the middle class. But what about Big Quinn? He didn't know what kind of people his parents were.

The lady doctor went to college to study medicine and received a five-year scholarship. That meant she didn't have to spend the college fund her parents had set up for her.

But Mr. Martin did not save the money, because when Sophie was very small, her father had bought her education insurance whereby the insurance company would issue a payout for her university tuition fees.

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When Mr. Martin received the payout from the insurance company, he handed it to Sophie. In addition to the insurance payout, Mr. Martin also gave Sophie another sum of money—her college fund—which included her tuition fees, living expenses, books, and other miscellaneous fees at college.

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