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A watch had been exchanged for a sports car and a hundred thousand dollars. Hans

asked, "The watch you were wearing was a fake, right? That was the imitation watch

that Old Charlie gave you, right?"

"That's right," Li Du smiled and nodded.

Old Charlie was a top watch imitator. That Patek Philippe was a fake crafted to

resemble the real piece very closely. After Old Charlie had seen the real piece, he even

modified the fake watch to make it look more like the real deal.

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Hearing Li Du's answer, Hans said at once, "Let's hurry and leave Miami. We can go to

another city to complete the ownership transfer of the car, and take a plane from there."

Li Du asked, "What happened? What's the rush?"

Hans exclaimed, "You ask what happened? We have cheated that poor bloke. Let's

leave quickly. There are no kind souls making a living on the streets of Miami. After he

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