588 Go, Las Vegas

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"How big is the scale of the auction?" Li Du asked.

He did not receive any answer. Hans just left him with a simple response: "You'll know when you go."

Although Li Du did not think that he could earn as much in the auction as he could finding fire opals here, he still decided to participate.

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The reason being he needed the rest.

Indeed, it might be ironic that in the past when his job was in storage unit auctions, coming to the national park to see the Petrified Forest was considered a break. Now, it was the other way around.

The search for fire opals was too tiring. Of course, he could make it less tiring by curbing his ambition and slowing down the search.

However, he was unable to do so knowing that there were countless US dollars under his feet. He could not stand the temptation and always wanted to quickly dig out the opals.

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