1027 Give me the diamonds

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Scotty helped the young man who had been beaten up. He dusted the dirt off him as he said, "Look, Charlie, I've told you not to hang out with Buick . . . "

Charlie pushed him away as he chewed his lip and said, "Don't pretend, I know what you're up to. I won't accept any of your goodwill!"

Scotty's face suddenly reddened. He raised his leg and wanted to kick Charlie, but the tall policeman gave coughed loudly. So, Scotty hesitantly let go of Charlie and returned to the squad.

At this moment, Li Du understood what exactly was going on here. This was a group of police abusing their power for personal gain. They were trying to take away the diamonds that the mine workers had found after working so hard.

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This had nothing to do with him, but there would always be someone stepping on uneven roads. Even though he had some conflicts with Buick's gang before, after they had cleared everything up, it was actually he who owed Buick a small favor.

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