134 Give It To You

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Li Du also perked up; this was the unit that he had wanted to get his hands on most at this storage auction.

It had nothing to do with the price. He had wanted to check out the issue with the material of the stone sculptures, and use it to research the little bug, as well as to find a way to help the little bug evolve.

On seeing the stone sculptures, Hans was both agitated and hesitant: "Damn, all sculptures. Not sure whose works they are, can the traces of the identity of the sculptors be found?"

With stone or wooden sculptures, if the material was not valuable, then the price largely depended on the sculptor’s identity. The works of regular sculptors were worthless; only those from famous sculptors were valuable.

Like the time when they got hold of the toy ceramic dinosaur sculptures; if not for them finally ascertaining that it was the great ceramicist Brett Kern’s work, they would not have fetched much.

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