1315 Give In

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Li Du had taken a big cup. The ice and cold water inside added up to 400 to 500 milliliters. That was quite a bit.

After taking just one mouthful of the liquid, Blodwen was so cold that he shivered. Drinking cold water in such weather was really asking for death.

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After being forced to drink a mouthful, Blodwen started to curse them again.

Li Du was quick to notice that and managed to pour another glug into Blodwen's mouth. "Let's give Blodwen some cappuccino!"

Blodwen had learned his lesson. He did not dare to open his mouth anymore. When he looked at Li Du, he finally seemed afraid. Li Du's had reacted too fast. It was hard to believe!

Steve look expectantly towards him and said, "Young Mr. Blodwen, go on with what you were saying. Did you have something to tell? Why have you stopped?"

Blodwen looked at him silently and kept his mouth shut.

Li Du blew on the cup of coffee and asked, "Do you still mean to drink this?"

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