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Knowing Hans's intention, Li Du felt amused and wanted to keep calling. In fact, if he did not call, Hans would certainly call him back. Hans could not keep his secret and was always trying to show off. That was why he had been calling the other day. However, Li Du did not want to not call, because he had not answered Hans several times last week. He figured he shouldn't give Hans a hard time now.

He was about to try to call again when old Elson came by. Elson was busier than Li Du was these days, and though they spent more time together, they actually communicated less.

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Over a cup of Sophie's coffee, Elson said, "Steve's in great shape. He's ok. I'm going to meet him in Sydney."

Li Du breathed a sigh of relief and said, "That is really good news."

Elson said, "He's been a bit depressed lately. To be honest, Li, Steve is really serious about this trip. He was trying to find some gems with his own hands."

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