1054 Gift Time

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Porter's words made Sean very dissatisfied, and he shouted, "Ha, really interesting, you even know where the tiles of this villa are from? As if you were the owner of this place…"

A girl with flaxen hair interfered and said, "Stop it, Sean, you're looking for trouble."

The girl looked at Porter and smiled, "Never mind what Sean said, Porter. I'm sorry for the damage to the fountain. I'll go with you to the owner of the villa and pay for the damage."

Sean shrugged his shoulders and said, "Now, Ariana. I did it, and I'll take care of it. You needn't mind. Porter and I will take care of this, won't we, Porter?"

He looked at Porter with an aggressive expression.

Hans' eyes were even more aggressive. "Dude, are you hosting the party or not? Or should we now contact the homeowner to negotiate compensation?"

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Sean had no intention of paying compensation. He saw that Porter was easygoing, and wanted to manipulate him into paying for it.

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