910 Gift Giving

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Li Du wanted warehouse no. 221 more than warehouse no. 220 because there were more star signature shoes inside, like Yao Ming's shoes signed in Chinese.

If two warehouses were worth two million, no. 220 was worth half a million at most, and no. 221 was worth two or three times that, a million and a half.

He was serious about what he said just now. 600,000 was his highest bid. If there were anyone who wanted to bid higher, he would give up.

As a result, no one could do that.

This time he offered half a million dollars, and if he could get the warehouse, he would make a lot of money. Then he would reach the goal of that exciting bidding process.

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He offered a high price on warehouse no. 220, threatening to undercut his rivals, who had previously been pinned down and now lost confidence in bidding against him.

As soon as the price of half a million was put up, the treasure hunters pulled out, and the auction was over.

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