759 Getting Two Benefits with One Action

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Li Du looked on coldly as the men panicked. One of the game officers said impatiently, "Don't pretend to give out the harvesting permit, you d*mn thieves!"

After that, he explained the situation to Li Du, saying it was a common crime in the harvesting of black gold abalone.

The two men were fraudsters. They made fake harvesting permits, pretended to be officers, and then searched for gullible fishermen. When they got the original permit, they switched it and returned a fake one.

The harvesting permit was often worn out, so it was easy to fake.

If the fake permit wasn't carefully examined, the swindler could leave, and he could get millions of dollars at a time.

After all, the black gold abalone permit was not registered. As long as there was no one who took action and got evidence on the spot, it belonged to the person who finally got it.

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