315 Get Ready, Grab Your Weapons

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After resting for the night, they woke up early the next day and drove to Desert Coastal Storage Co., Ltd.

"Which one shall we start to work on first?" Big Quinn asked, munching on his sandwich while Godzilla was busy gobbling his breakfast, unable to speak.

Li Du replied, "Unit 16. May God bless us with good items."

Hans snickered, "We’ve gotten some good items this trip. There’s already a large sum of money to earn here."

He was referring to the Spirit of Ecstasy and the umbrella. Both items were new; if handled properly, they could combine them to sell for a price of 40,000 dollars easily.

Hans was very pleased with their 40,000 dollars in items, as he had made this trip merely to join the Hundred Thousand Club.

Li Du unlocked the storage unit. Big Quinn and Godzilla finished their sandwiches and started to work.

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Two people worked faster than one, and more efficiently as well.

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