907 Get Bolder

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Ali's movements were extremely fast. The velocity of the kangaroo was stunning. It jumped from the ground up to the chair, from the chair to the top of the table, and then hopped up on the table and gave the young man a punch. 

The entire process seemed slow when described, but it actually happened very quickly. In a moment, Ali was on the floor, with three thump thump thump thuds, and the young man was screaming as he covered his eyes and fell backward. 

All was suddenly in chaos. Conrad and the two white men beside him stood up furiously. Using the plates or the cutleries in their hands, they attacked Ali. 

Ali was fearless. It continued jumping with thump thump thump as it avoided the stabbing cutleries and the thrown plates. It jumped left and right on the table, swung one punch after another, and gave the three men a few punches in the midst of the chaos. 

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