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Li Du did not take Sophie with him. Mozambique's situation was worse than South

Africa's, so Sophie and the four little ones stayed in Durban. Big Quinns and Big Ivan

remained with them and were responsible for their safety.

In order to ensure his own safety, Li Du put many things into the little bug's black hole

space before his departure: grenades, guns, crossbows and other weapons, spare

satellite phones, and a variety of drugs, including some powerful poisons and

tranquilizers that he bought through special channels.

On the way, Li Du asked, "What is the intention of General Remonin in trying to be

friends with me?"

The lion hunter chuckled and said, "What purpose can it serve? General Remonin is

very open and generous, and he likes to make friends."

Li Du laughed. "Why won't you be honest?"

The lion hunter rubbed his chin moodily, and said, "He wants to make friends with

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