862 Gem Revolution

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

With a glass of wine in hand, Li Du stood on the rocks looking west. The sun was setting, and the moon was rising. The wind blew like a knife, and the waves in the foamy water crashed on the rocks beneath his feet.

Li Du raised his glass. The wine was purple and crystal clear, but the water beneath his feet was clearer, free from pollution and impurities. Even the waves were transparent. Watching the sunset and tasting his wine, Li Du slowly sighed.

The moon was bright. It was cold in the evening and even colder late at night. Li Du and Sophie were in the bedroom, each in a separate bed. They were also each covered in a thick quilt under an electric blanket. Li Du looked over and saw Sophie's quilt quivering slightly, and then he asked, "Hi, dear. Are you cold?"

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