1241 Galaxy Travel

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It was a bright and cool day and the sun was starting to set.

There was no regular date reserved for the astronomy gathering. The timing for the gathering was flexible. It was only fixed to take place during a particular month. Then, after going through a stringent analysis of the weather to identify the two consequent days with the best weather conditions, the enthusiasts would decide on a date to hold the party. It was all based on last-minute notice.

For example, if one wanted to observe the Messier object in the fall, one would have to find a good day in September; to observe the moon, one would have to find a day that was bright and had a full moon. In short, this gathering had many requirements for the weather. There were many ever-changing variables.

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However, astronomy enthusiasts would always be looking out for related notices. Even if they knew of the rally at the very last minute, they would not forgo the opportunity.

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