793 Full Stop Party

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Brooks became a joke in the King Island black gold abalone harvesting community.

They had their conflict with Brooks while a lot of people were around. The tide was just beginning to rise, and fishermen were just coming ashore. Everyone nearby heard the quarrel.

Mad with rage, Brooks' trembling finger pointed at Christie as he cried, "You have done it, you b*tch! How could you do this?!"

Christie was still calm and said, "You asked me to do this. You made this bitter wine yourself, so you had better drink it."

Brooks glared at her in anger and cursed at her, but Christie did not retort.

There was a fisherman nearby who couldn't bear seeing the situation anymore and said, "Okay, man, don't be a disgrace here. You've gone too far with Christie."

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"What's the matter with her? When this b*tch first met me, she was fishing for seaweed on the beach. She only made a hundred dollars a day! I saved her. How could she do this to me?"

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