964 Frog Hunter

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The situation was critical as Ali was dragged to its side by the frog.

Li Du was not worried about the frog eating Ali after it dragged the kangaroo over. Yes, the frog was very big, especially its mouth, but Ali was already half a meter in size and the frog could not eat it.

Li Du was worried that the frog would drag him down into the mud. Then Ali would be doomed.

The frog's tongue was so strong that Ali stumbled trying to fight it. When it was near the frog's mouth, Ali suddenly jumped.

It jumped on the back of the giant frog!

Kangaroos could control the force of their landing when they jumped. If they jumped from a step, they would land lightly. If they intended to jump forward, they could jump out vigorously.

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This time, Ali jumped out vigorously.

It jumped hard on the giant frog—definitely hard enough. Li Du noticed that the giant frog's eyes suddenly widened. It curled back its tongue and made a strange gurgled sound.

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