770 Frightened Shrill In The Morning

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Each person was given a bowl of meat soup, which had large chunks of meat, fragrant soup, and fresh vegetables inside.

When Li Du chewed a mouthful of meat soup, the extremely fragrant meat juices squirted out from the shreds of meat and overwhelmed his taste buds. After carefully chewing and swallowing the mouthful of meat soup, he could not help but exclaim, "So fragrant!"

One after another, the exclamations of others could be heard. With a smile on his face, Victor raised his cup and said, "To the gifts from the Creator, to us rascals who are trying our best to survive."

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Everyone followed suit and raised their cups. "To the gifts from the Creator, to this group of rascals."

Wanting to have a casual conversation, Victor asked, "What are you guys here for? Vacation? You guys look like wealthy people. However, a composition like that of your group is very rare."

Li Du replied, "Sort of. We are also harvesting black gold abalone."

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