265 Freshly Made Liquor

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The way movies portrayed America’s love for authentic Chinese food was over exaggerated. When Li Du made some diced honey chicken, and sweet and sour ribs, they weren’t exactly authentic Chinese dishes.

He also made General Tso's chicken, which was a dish he discovered after coming to America. For some reason, Americans loved it, so he went and learned how to make it.

Hannah was grilling apples, and said, "This time, I’m going to make a few varieties. Ice-cream grilled apples, olio grilled apples, and grilled apple smoothies. I think they’ll turn out pretty good."

Li Du patted her on the shoulder and said, "Of course—that’s the best dessert in Flagstaff."

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Stephen, who was grilling the meat, turned his head toward them and said, "No, Li, that’s not the best dessert in Flagstaff. You should try the rainbow rolls that my grandma makes. I swear, you’ll fall in love…"

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