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As he was greeting the other shareholders and joking with them, Li Du's eyes were also

searching for Carlston.

After surveying the room, he had not seen Carlston. Quietly approaching Cole, Li Du

asked softly, "Carlston is not here?"

Cole said calmly, "He's on his way. Don't worry, he has to be here today. He can't avoid


Li Du nodded, showing that he understood. Then, he spared no niceties and sat down

on the seat to Cole's left.

Seeing that, some of the shareholders got together and started talking in hushed voices.

That seat had belonged to Carlston. Li Du had no qualms about sitting there, as that

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was the seat of the second largest stakeholder. After all, he was going to be the official

holder of that post very soon.

The license and the information on the diamond mine were all laid out on the table.

Everyone could see it, and there was also a set of the contract that Li Du and Carlston

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