938 Four Heroes Combating Lü Bu

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The upper and lower jaws on the front of the alligator snapping turtle's mouth were hooked and sharp like a hawk's beak.

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The terrifying biting force of an adult alligator snapping turtle could easily cut off a person's finger. There were several incidents in the United States each year that resulted from teaser bites of the alligator snapping turtle.

However, Ah Meow was not afraid. He was fast, and the alligator snapping turtle, though better at climbing than other members of its species such as sea turtles, could not catch him or even touch him.

Ah Meow jumped and did all kinds of tricks like scratching his head and extending his claws. The alligator snapping turtle, which was provoked, got angry, but could not do anything.

Ah Meow had nothing to do the whole day and was bored, so the alligator snapping turtle became his plaything. He teased with it to pass the time.

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