1235 Fort Davis

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Lu Guan looked very confident as he said, "I've verified this news. That is the biggest spot for GSP in North America. There were many GSPs held yearly and some people would rent out the warehouse space to place their baggage and telescopes. I feel that there will be good stuff in that warehouse."

The mention of the telescopes reminded Li Du of the time he played Conrad Anthony with Princeps' help.

At that time, he had bought a big telescope and placed it in a box. It was the bait he had used to get Conrad on the hook. In the end, Conrad had fallen into the trap.

Of course, Lu Guan's information was related to the price of a large astronomical telescope. He was really excited.

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Thinking about the past, Li Du started to feel wary and asked carefully, "Who did you get the news from? Are you sure the information is accurate?"

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