1294 Forced Romance

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After hearing the words of that lady, it dawned on Li Du what was going on.

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It turned out that she was the lady those hooligans had harassed earlier. At that time, she was in a different outfit, sexier and more revealing. In addition, Li Du had not taken much notice of her looks and hence, he did not recognize her right away.

In the morning, Li Du had only noticed that the hooligans were harassing a lady and he had not paid much attention to her before he confronted the thugs.

That conflict had been almost entirely senseless. It was none of Li Du's business. He had relaxed as he thought that the incident had been resolved. He did not think that the trouble was not over yet.

Li Du shook his head at the lady and said, "Oh, I remember now…"

The lady cheerily interrupted him and said, "Great, so can we go on?"

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