691 For the Ox’s Use

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This fool had thought that he was going to a sunny and warm place. Before he'd left, he'd checked the weather forecast for the various areas in China excitedly.

Based on what he'd been expecting, he was going somewhere called "Hainan Island . . . " As a result, he was now squatting on the ground, clad in a thick padded jacket and shivering while hugging his chest.

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The reason he was in the thick cotton jacket was that Hans had based his wardrobe on the winter being a mild one, and didn't bring any clothing meant for a harsh winter.

Li Du could only extend his apologies; he hadn't expected this winter to be so cold. In fact, the location of his home lay on the equator and it hadn't snowed in years. As far as he remembered, winter here had never been so cold.

Seeing that Hans was freezing, he waved and said, "Come on bro, get working. You won't be as cold if you're working."

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