157 Follow Him

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"What is it?" Li Du whispered.

Hans did not answer him and went to find Valerie. "Please help us retrieve the data referring to our selling of the mammoth ivory!"

Valerie was eating fried chicken happily. She helped them make a call; soon, a list was printed out.

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The system of the storage auction industry in the United States was very mature. There were a lot of employees and their management system was very formal.

After every storage auction, the treasure hunters could roughly list out their sales and expenditures. They recorded all their proceeds and put them in the association's database for backup.

It was not mandatory, but most of the treasure hunters would do this because it involved a tax issue and a social security issue. This was because treasure hunters were freelancers while paying the taxes and social security required a company to provide a surety.

Banks and the Internal Revenue Service constrained them to prevent someone to launder money in this industry.

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