1310 Fly Amanita

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Andrey kept his head down and did not speak. He looked disturbed. 

Steve took out a dagger, patted Andrey's face and said, "I am the one who contacted you. You probably know my status. I say I can kill you here and no one would say a word. Do you believe?"

Andrey raised his head abruptly. His mouth opened and closed a few times.

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Steve said, "If you want to say something, take your time. Just put your words in order first and tell me the truth. Don't miss any details."

Brother Wolf had already gained information while they were trying to get Andrey to speak.

He came up to them and said, "There are several pieces of news. The first one is the Fly Amanita. There is a variety of Fly Amanita growing on the edge of the swamp. It is a potent hallucinogen."

As Brother Wolf spoke, he took out a piece of dry fungus and handed it to them.

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