1031 Flanking

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The crowd of people, who were hunting pythons, were preparing to carry out the search in teams. At this time, someone drove over.

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Li Du saw the police logo on the truck and knew who it was.

As expected, when the car stopped, a Mahican haircut appeared. Scotty was still wearing his police uniform paired with his leather shoes. He got out of the truck and said, "Hey, how could you not invite me to such activity?"

Buick glanced at him and said, "What's the point of that? You're no longer part of the Gibra tribe. You're police now. Aren't you supposed to confiscate things that we worked hard for?"

Most of the people hunting with him were people who had worked at the abandoned mine with him. They had all been persecuted by dirty cops. Thus, all of them began to jeer after listening to Buick's words.

Scott glared at the crowd and looked at Buick again. "We are just doing our job. If nothing is illegal, then we—"

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