1222 Fixing Anthony

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Li Du and his people left with the oil painting. Liu Shan Yang had sent them off, all smiles, waving enthusiastically. "Hey, if I manage to dig up more treasures, I'll look for you, haha."

There were some neighbors who saw Li Du leaving with the oil painting. They said, "Oi, oi, oi, Old Liu, you've been in the scam trade for so many years. Have you finally managed to coerce a foreigner?"

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Liu Shan Yang said unhappily, "Go to hell. What's a scam and who's coercing anyone? I told you guys that I dug these out when I was making a cellar."

"Who'd believe that?" The neighbors sneered. "Ah, that young chap has got insufficient life experience; he fell into your trap."

Liu Shan Yang ignored this and said proudly, "Think what you want. In any case, I made money. Hmm, I will get some good pork and wine. Today, I will have a good feast. Then, I will buy a house…"

"You cheated him of so much money?" The neighbors were shocked.

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