620 First Step

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A thing like purchasing shares' required legal aid from lawyers. As Li Du did not have a private lawyer, Roger advised him through the phone to temporarily hire a financial lawyer.

He was rather hesitant about it as he was unfamiliar with Las Vegas, and the lawyer profession was a mix of both good and bad lawyers.

Truth be told, there were quite a few outstanding lawyers amongst the Chinese foreigners. If Ma Zhi-an had not been put in jail for being so persistent in trying to deceive him, Li Du could have consulted him.

Having worked in Arizona for so many years, Ma Zhi-an had amazing skills and a lot of contacts, making him the most suitable person to introduce someone to Li Du.

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However, after Li thought about it, the person who would be most helpful for this matter was Playboy. Although he did not understand Playboy's background in detail, he knew that the young master was very powerful.

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