1297 Firepower

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During long periods in history, pirates have roamed the Arctic Seas, such as the famous and notorious Vikings who set off from Scandinavia to all parts of the world.

The Arctic Ocean might not seem like a very lucrative area for pirates, but the lack of people makes it easier to avoid the authorities.

Sometimes pirates and outlaws would discover new lands, such as the famous island of Greenland.

In the modern world, well-connected and thoroughly mapped, pirates have become scarce. Only in the waters off Somalia and some remote parts of Africa did these maritime robbers still exist.

Li Du did not think that they would encounter such character in the Arctic Circle. They heard the captain's shout and hurried to the bow to watch.

A boat was approaching. It looked like a freighter, but there was no cargo box on it. On the bow of the boat stood a flagpole, carrying a black flag with a white skull and sickle symbol.

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