519 Finally Got It Back

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After these two conditions, Princeps looked kind of grim. The conditions were tolerable to him, however, and he accepted them.

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"Anything else?"

"I'm not a greedy person," said Li Du, shaking his head. "These two conditions are good enough."

Princeps felt relieved when he heard those words. Suddenly, Hans interrupted and said, "No, that's not enough, Princeps. There's one more condition."

Princeps looked gloomy again and said coldly, "Say it."

"Unit number 2," said Hans. "We are interested in unit number 2. You know what you did to get that unit from us. You need to transfer the rights to us."

Princeps was about to be consumed by his anger. "Don't you think you're asking for too much?"

At this time, a treasure hunter hurried over and said, "Princeps, there's some trouble. We need you to handle the matter."

Princeps was already feeling frustrated; when he heard that, he flared up and cried, "F*ck! Who's creating trouble? Thrash him!"

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