1265 Fight of the Beasts

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Right at the moment when the shadow pounced, other shadows at different spots followed suit. However, the shadow at Vampire's proximity was nearest to them. The rest of them were rather far away. Brother Wolf and the rest immediately reacted and paired up to start firing at the dark shadows.

Bang, bang! Bang, bang! The sounds of the loud shots rang out. 

Sissy was Vampire's partner. As everything had happened too quickly, Sissy was unable to provide aid at once. 

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Sissy had not been able to fire on time. Vampire was too close to the wolf. By the time he had reacted, the man and the wolf had been entwined. 

At that moment, if Sissy were to fire, he might have easily hurt Vampire. He could not take that risk.

Fortunately, Ah Ow arrived not long later and pounced on the wild wolf that had latched onto Vampire's body. It was as though Ah Ow was on steroids. With a quick swish, it swiftly dragged the wolf away. 

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