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The news of the treasure hunters joining in an auction for the welfare home was aired that night.

Hans and Li Du drank beer while watching TV. Both of them had been shown on the television; Li Du had even been interviewed twice.

"I don’t think I performed very well there. I was too nervous," Hans smacked his lips.

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Li Du threw him a sideways glance. "Do you think that’s a valid reason for staring at her chest? If not for the camera, I bet that she would have given you one hard slap."

At this, Hans grew excited. "F*ck, that girl’s chest was really large…"

Li Du beckoned to Ah Meow. Petting its fur, he said, "Drop it. You can’t touch them, no matter how large they are. Come on, let’s talk business. Are there any units up for auction?"

Hans wasn’t satisfied. "Are you a workaholic? We just got a big catch. You really are hardworking."

"Working hard is a Chinese virtue."

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