167 Fellow Countryman

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The duo earned a sum of 88,500 dollars from selling all the bicycles.

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The four bicycles were the main contributors to their earnings. They were custom-made, hand-made, and fine-tuned to cater to the tastes of the die-hard fans of cycling, and, of course, the professionals as well.

As a result, such bicycles were not made for mass production. Although they might not have sounded familiar to the general public, they were well worth the investment.

In Li Du’s point of view, a valuable bicycle should not have been more expensive than a motorbike, and a valuable motorbike should not have been more expensive than a car. When Li Du bought the BMW Z4 for Hannah, it had cost Li Du 54,000 dollars.

However, his point of view would only work under normal circumstances, for that Colnago bike alone had fetched a good 40,000 dollars.

The vast disparity between the valuable and common bicycles was crystal clear. The rest of the 125 ordinary bicycles were only sold for 2,600 dollars.

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