607 Fearless

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For the first five storage units, Li Du didn't make any moves. He gave the chance to Olly and the rest. The third, fourth and fifth storage units were secured by the Flagstaff treasure hunters consecutively.

Li Du waited until the sixth storage unit before he participated.

The auctioneer sat up high on a deck as though he were a deity looking down at them.

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His job was very easy. He would point at those who offered bids and shout before letting others counter-offer.

The starting bid price was usually 100 dollars; the first person to offer would raise his hand.

The sixth storage unit was number 22. From its photo, two long tubular boxes could be seen. The boxes, which were probably 12 or 15 feet in length, were narrow and long. Their cross-section was a square of about 20 centimeters long on each side.

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