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After the warehouse had been viewed, a White Glove with a very serious face raised his

hand and yelled, "OK, like in the old rules, all the warehouse bids start from two

hundred dollars. I will not call out the starting bid from now on so as to save time,

everyone please start bidding!"

"I will fork out two hundred dollars!"

"Three hundred dollars!"

"I will take it for four hundred dollars!"

"I will fork out five hundred dollars!"

"Look here, one thousand dollars!"

The bidding was now at another level. The next bid would go up to a four-digit figure

and the treasure hunters hesitated at that point.

The Flagstaff treasure hunters started a discussion among themselves and Turis said

that he could take down the warehouse. Hence, he was willing to call out a two

thousand dollar bid right away.

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The rest of the treasure hunters preferred to wait. After all, there were a few hundred

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