635 Failed Negotiations

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He asked directly, "Are you short of money? How much money do you need? You helped me, and I'd like to help you."

Li Du was neither a philanthropist, nor the Virgin Mary; he wouldn't help someone without reason. He was not, however, cold-blooded. If someone he knew was in need of money, he was willing to offer a generous hand.

Wolfgang had saved him and Sophie, so he was even more willing to help. Besides, this man was a latent fighting expert who could be suitable as a bodyguard. Li Du wanted to recruit him.

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Wolfgang's eyes lit up, but then darkened before he whispered, "A million."

"USD?" Li Du was dumbfounded.

"Well, it's 900,000 in euros." Wolfgang was quick in calculating the exchange rate.

Li Du was puzzled. "So much?"

Wolfgang became an enigma once again and shut his mouth without speaking further.

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