984 Extraordinary Workmanship

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Li Du looked at the black cloth used for blindfolding. He felt amused and helpless at the same time. Isn't the general too careful? Isn't this a bit redundant?

Brother Wolf was not used to going blind. He shook his head at Li Du, indicating that Li Du should not consent to this.

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Li Du did not mind. He has the little bug, which was equivalent to a pair of see-through eyes.

He mainly felt that this was unnecessary: "General, I understand your purpose and do not want your mine's information to leak out, but unless…"

At this point, he had a sudden realization and said, "What about your own workers? What happens when they leave the mine?"

You can't blindfold a worker every time he goes in or out of the mine, can you?

Even if all is covered up and the territory so vast, if a worker spreads the news of a local diamond mine, someone could find it if they look thoroughly enough.

Unless the message does not go out.

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