172 Extra Units Again

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The treasure hunters lined up in a queue to view the fourth unit. Li Du was among them.

Lil’ Rick stroked his chin with his fingers and sneered at Li Du again. "Hi Chinaman, not bidding for any unit? Did you forget your wallet?"

"Yeah, you want to lend me some money?" Li Du responded.

"If you call me Daddy, then maybe I will—after all, parents are supposed to help their children out," Lil’ Rick said with a straight face.

Rick maliciously added, "I heard China has policies to restrict childbirth, which made some people abandon their own children. For all we know, Li Du might be an orphan. I think he must have yearned for a father to help him out."

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Turis was displeased and pointed at them. "Hey, that’s too much."

Li Du, still calm as ever, replied dismissively, "Get lost—you should be my son instead."

Hans shook his head. "No, look at him—tisk, tisk—he’s ugly! Why would you want a son like him? Hmm, but part of him is similar to you, that’s for sure."


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